Congdons Carpet & Furniture Centre

We couldn't quite believe our eyes when we saw the original site for Congdons Carpet & Furniture Centre. The artwork and photographs were bad quality and the whole site in general lacked flair. The site was also very difficult and long winded to update on a regular basis.

The new Congdons site is a database driven catalogue which they are finally able to make frequent updates to with ease. We backed the product catalogue section of the site with an extremely easy to use administation area which allows their staff to add, remove and modify their products image, prices, description and much more. Along with that, they can also manage their categories in much the same way and make their chosen products available as sale items. After making a change in the administration area, the web site is updated immediately.

As well as the product catalogue, there are information pages including a brief history of the company, a map to check the premises' location and we also provided their customers with a means of contact via on online enquiry form where the details are passed on to Congdons in an e-mail.

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