Jaspers Corporate Catering Services

When we heard that Jasper's wanted to update their current Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, we jumped at the chance to provide them with the Business Management System (BMS). With all the key features such as recording customer details, historical notes, online orders, and generating invoices, we also developed some specific functionality for their line of business.

Their system has a unique ordering facility unlike anything else ever seen in the corporate catering industry. Boasting their unique ordering and business management features, Jasper's continues to keep ahead of the competition.

We have also been involved in other work for the Jasper's Franchise web site. This includes a "mini-course" feature which sends an automatic e-mail to the person who signs up for details regarding the potential ownership of a Jasper's franchise and slight tweaks to their online enquiry forms which are also e-mailed automatically to Jasper's when clients wish to request further information.

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