This site was a personal project developed for the many Mazda MX-6, Xedos and Ford Probe owners across the world.

MX-6 DB is a database driven site which is constantly being updated with information to serve the many owners of this delightful and very rare sports car and it's variants. The site is host to many maintenance guides which show the owner step by step how to change a light bulb for instance, and also modification guides which again shows the owner how to make upgrades to their vehicle. There's a simple guestbook which allows visitors to stop by and leave their comments, or suggestions and criticisms, and a blog (or Web Log, an online diary of events) which is updated by the author where necessary. There are a handful of articles to read from buying a Mazda MX-6 to oil recommendations, and an online "fault finder" is currently being populated with information, however the concept proves to be working well.

In the future we see many changes and updates to MX-6 DB. There will be the ability for owners to register with the site, improvements to events calendar and much more.

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