North Coast Photography

North Coast Photography wanted to display their photography collection on-line. We came up with an initial static design and then set about building the real thing.

This site is only in it's first stage of infancy at the moment. It's a simple database driven brochure with the ability to order with a downloadable form. The customer simply looks through the collection, selects a photograph, prints off the form and sends it back to North Coast Photography with their payment.

There is clearly more potential for development here, such as linking to e-commerce or even the ability to order via a simple electronic form which collects the customer and product details and then in turn forwards an e-mail to North Coast Photography and an invoice back to the customer. These are all stages to complete in the near future.

We are delighted to hear that North Coast Photography has recently been given the chance to show a small selection of it's collection at Bude Tourist Information Centre. Why not take a look when you're in the area?

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