Trade Gift Solutions

Trade Gift Solutions came to us and asked us if we could come up with a simple to use customer facing front end quoting system, backed by a Business Management System (BMS). We said, "no problem" and set about working on this monster of a project.

The BMS tackles many day to day tasks such as keeping track of all things customer related. They wanted in particular for customers to go to their web site, browse their products, get an online quote and then take care of the order process.

The result was higher than any expectations and the main site is now host to over eighty stationery dealers nationwide. Each dealer has their own "satellite" web site which reads a global set of products from a central database. Their BMS allows them to add their own products and categories if necessary.

We are now working on the ability for a customer to make online transactions via the secure payment system provided by Protx, giving them a fully blown e-commerce solution.

Click below to see a Macromedia Flash presentation of our work

» Trade Gift Solutions Demo